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The Designer

My love for the field of art and creation first came through immersing myself in the world of interior design, whilst studying for my Bachelor’s Degree. The imagery and experiences of that time ignited my inspiration and thirst for creating beautiful things. After experimenting in various areas, I discovered that the world of lingerie was what truly captivated me. The realization that design is a universal language that can be transmuted became apparent.

I became motivated by the desire to hand pick the finest materials and craft them into elegant and timeless garments that both flatter and celebrate the female form. Attention to detail, a honed sense of aesthetics and extensive sourcing of high quality fabrics are all factors that have been considered with care.

The Collection

Through my line, every woman is prompted to choose from a variety of hand made lingerie. The exquisite designs feature 100% silk, satins and French lace, meticulously crafted into beautiful garments.

The primary focus is on attention to detail and form, while also remaining environmentally friendly. The bridal collection, which is a combination of sophistication and elegance, has been especially designed to complement women on one of the most important days of their lives.

The Brand
& Its Mission

The Ocalea brand accentuates the beauty, confidence and uniqueness of every woman in the most feminine way. Elegance, sensuality and hints of romance come together to create a range of fine lingerie that is luxurious and ethereal.

It is my mission to encourage women to live passionately, love deeply and to be open to exploring their wholeness through the lens of sensuality. To embark on a journey of reinventing and redefining themselves with the most beautiful lingerie. It is my hope that every woman who wears Ocalea sees herself as sacred and divine. Ultimately, Ocalea is an ode to the female form and to life.


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